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How to become our student?
To become a student of a regular class, students have to live in the neighbourhood assigned to our school. However, to become a student of a bilingual class, primary school graduates need to provide all the documents on time and pass a test checking their language abilities. The test is conducted in Polish and is obligatory for all bilingual classes all over Poland. This year the test will take place on 23rd May 2012. Only students who brought their documents on time can take the test.

For the upcoming school year of 2012/2013 we offer three types of bilingual classes:
- a class majoring in Mathematics and Physics
- a class majoring in Polish and History
- a class majoring in Biology and Chemistry

The chosen major will allow students to tune their lower secondary education to their future plans and needs. For instance, students planning to become a doctor can choose a major in Biology and Chemistry which will allow them to expend their knowledge more thoroughly in those two subjects and therefore make their path through Secondary School smoother. Each major consists of:
- more focus on the two given subjects,
- six English lessons a week,
- Physics, Biology, Mathematics and IT conducted in Polish and English.